Artist and Creative Director





I am both an artist and designer interested in the significance that emerges between intellect and intuition. Impacted by my upbringing in a blue collar community, my work challenges the precision of machine made versus the grit of manual labor. With instilled values such as practicality and accessibility, I craft objects that posses both qualities of the highly refined and crudely unfinished.  

Often themes of time, degradation/expiration, class level and beauty are approached and speak from my influential experience coming from the middle class. I play with the idea of function in my practice and approach it from an aesthetic and psychological point of view. I believe every interest and fascination has a meaning. You must follow, research and play with those fascinations in order to find the integrity that is hidden. 





CERISE FILMS - Artist Spotlight


Milan Design Week Material and Finishing

- Worth Global Style Network Leading Fashion and Consumer Trend Forecasting Service chose the project Exposed to as cover photo as well as featured design. Print 2015.


Walk Magazine

Multiple Accessory Designs and Photographs featured in both 2013 and 2014  printed magazine